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The Center organizes its work along Focal Areas of study: Climate Change, Ecosystem Health and Land-Sea Interactions.

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As an epicenter of thought between science and policy, the Center aims to empower informed decision-making.

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We strive to enhance leadership skills in existing ocean leaders and the next generation of blue planet pioneers.

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Emerging Solutions — the Ocean Tipping Points Project
Graduate Students Dive into Ocean Policy
Monterey's Not-So-Hidden Secret for Addressing Ocean Acidification: Marine Protected Areas
The Ocean Tipping Points Project: from science to management
The Ocean Tipping Points project is a collaboration of natural and social scientists, lawyers, environmental managers, and stakeholders from a number of institutions and regions working to understand what drives abrupt ecological shifts, and how they might be prevented or reversed. Photo Credit: *Saipal, 2006, CC BY 2.0
In August, the Center for Ocean Solutions’ Monterey Area Research Institutes’ Network for Education (MARINE) program hosted its Ocean Policy course for the third time. The course introduced 23 graduate students from around the nation to diverse concepts related to ocean law and policy as well as providing professional skills training and networking opportunities.
As the world focuses its attention on the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in December, marine scientists are hoping that policy makers will pay larger attention than they have in the past to the impacts climate change is having on the ocean. Photo Credit: Abalone, Arby Reed.
Tune into our newest video to learn about the novel science coming out of the Ocean Tipping Points Project that is helping marine managers better understand and protect ocean ecosystems. Photo: Nancy Boucha 2005, Marine Photobank.

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