Adapting to Climate Change

Adapting to Climate Change:

A Training for Coastal and Marine Resource Managers

During the week of Feb. 22-26 resource managers from local, state and federal agencies and organizations managing the North California coast and ocean and the San Francisco Bay Shoreline Environments attended an invitation-only training. The training was developed specifically to assist coastal resource managers and organizations in California incorporate adaptation tools into their resource management planning processes to address the impacts of climate change.

This website serves as a resource to the participants.  Below are links to each presentation and handout provided during the training.  If there is a handout or presentation that you would like but cannot find, please e-mail Adina Abeles.

Day 1 Presentations

The Global Scale: A quick glance at Copenhagen and Beyond (Caldwell)

Understanding the Enabling Environment in California (Caldwell)

Climate Change and the Ocean (Caldwell)

Why is Climate Change Important?

The role of data and information in planning for climate change

PRBO Science (Ellie Cohen)

Climate Change Research at the Regional Level (Guido Franco)

Day 2 Presentations

Climate Change Adaptation Planning Process Overview

Resilience to Climate Change

Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Assessment

Dave Revell’s 10 minute overview

Day 3 Presentations

Shore Responses to Sea Level Rise (Bob Battalio)

Planning for Sea Level Rise on the Hayward Shoreline (Jeremy Lowe)

Incorporating Adaptation into Engineered Structures and Beach Nourishment (Ewing)

Day 4 Presentations

Selecting Adaptation Options for Tomales Bay

Planned Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone

California Coastal Conservancy Adaptation Overview (Thiel)

ONMS Climate Smart Sanctuaries & GFNMS Ocean Climate Initiative

United States Fish and Wildlife Service Adaptation Overview

Engaging the Public on Climate Change, Impacts & Adaptation (Moser)

Climate Change Risk Perceptions & Communicating Adaptation (Moser)


PDF of all materials in training binder

5 Day Workshop Agenda

Ocean and Climate Fact Sheet

Regulatory Takings and Land Use Regulation: A Primer for Public Agency Staff

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