Ocean Policy Course

The COS Ocean Policy Course introduces graduate students in the natural and social sciences to ocean policy and governance, and how science influences public policy decisions at the international, national and state levels. Students will learn about pressing challenges to ocean health, and together with leaders in ocean science and policy, examine how science and scientists can work with the policy-making process to address these challenges.

The course uses urgent ocean policy issues, such as ocean acidification and fisheries management, to demonstrate the complexity of ocean-related decision-making. Students examine the roles of natural science, social science, and government institutions in ocean management. 

Students also have the opportunity to engage with experts in ocean science and policy, and participate in field trips, group projects, and other interactive activities. Students also learn how to communicate effectively with ocean policy makers and journalists through hands-on practical exercises.

The Ocean Policy Course will be offered during summer in odd-numbered years.  The duration of the course is two weeks and includes weekends.  Current graduate students in marine science, law and policy, or related backgrounds are eligible to apply.  To earn academic credit for the course, Stanford University summer session tuition is required.  If interested in applying, please contact Lucie Hazen or Adina Abeles.  

Ocean Policy Course 2011 Group Picture