Eric Hartge

Eric Hartge

Eric is the Senior Research Analyst with the Center for Ocean Solutions focusing on coastal climate adaptation. He joined the Center as a Research and Curriculum Development Intern in November 2010 before becoming a Research Analyst in July 2011 and then the Senior Research Analyst in November 2013.

His current projects include a collaborative effort with the Natural Capital Project utilizing the spatial analysis tool "InVEST" to incorporate multiple benefits from natural habitats in decision processes regarding coastal adaptation planning. In addition, Eric is developing and implementing a revised portfolio management approach for the Center.

Eric previously worked with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation as the education program manager for Baltimore Harbor with a focus on the human impact on the health of the Chesapeake Bay. This followed extensive experience in environmental education in the Leeward Islands, Mexico, Costa Rica and Hawai’i. He also gained enough sea time aboard research ships with the Sea Education Association to earn a USCG Near Coastal Master's and Ocean Mate's License.

Eric received his M.S. in environmental sciences and policy from Johns Hopkins University and his B.S. in marine biology from the College of Charleston. His professional and academic experience includes estuarine science, natural resource management, stakeholder engagement, project management, portfolio management, environmental education, decision analysis, and data visualization.


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