Topic: Big Think

November, 2011

Author Team: Margaret R. Caldwell, Xavier Basurto, Alice Chiu, Larry Crowder, Rod Fujita, Peter Kareiva, Stephen Palumbi, Whitney Smith, Mike Weber, Thomas Hayden
Packard Foundation Staff Advisors: Walt Reid, Kai Lee, Lisa Monzon, Richard Cudney, Bernd Cordes, Heather Ludemann
Research Assistance: Blue Earth Consultants, LLC; Eric Hartge; George Leonard  

In 2010, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation (“Foundation”) Staff and Board of Trustees initiated a process to look beyond their ongoing ocean conservation efforts and gain a sense of the greater context of needs and opportunities in ocean philanthropy.  The Trustees gathered at a meeting in early June 2010 to review and discuss these opportunities.  In preparation for the meeting, Foundation staff commissioned a discussion paper that presents trends and future issues, surveys various ocean conservation strategies, and provides a qualitative analysis of opportunities, barriers to implementation, and potential for conservation results. This paper was first prepared to help inform and stimulate discussion among the Trustees at the June 2010 meeting. This final version has since been updated and expanded, and is meant to fuel lively discussion into the future.